Tuesday Night Must Reads

Matt Blumberg on the counter cliche – every cliche has an equal and opposite cliche.  I like that Matt.  Do you want to counter my cliche of the week posts?

Hugh McLeod on the end of metablogging.  Mentioning me in your post increases the odds of being a" must read" greatly!

Matt McAlister on why Google aint what it used to be.

Michael Parekh on the word blogosphere.  I agree Michael, its terrible.  Until now, I’ve never used it on this blog and promise not to ever again.

Tom Evslin on why the second prohibition is working out worse than the first.  Last time we created Al Capone.  This time we’ve created Bin Laden.

Chromewaves on seeing Steve Earle live.  He’s coming to the Bowery Ballroom a week from Friday.  My brother Rod invited me but I can’t go.  Bummer.

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