Comment Policy

This is my blog.  It is my thoughts, my links, and my work.

I have the right to do anything I want on this blog.

Generally speaking, I leave all the comments up with the exception of comment spam and blatantly offensive stuff.

But tonite, I deleted a comment from a person who posted a comment with a misleading name.

They used the name of a company that was mentioned on my blog.  A company that I respect.  They insinuated that they were from that company and the comment represented the thoughts of that company.  The CEO of that company asked that I take it down and I did.

If you want to leave a critical comment, that’s fine.

if you don’t like something I say, please say so.

But don’t hide behind some other company, person, or name.  Do it in your own name or some consistent handle.  I may not like what Hector has to say, but he’s consistent and he’s not hiding behind any fake name.  I respect what he has to say even though I don’t agree with it.

So, here is an addition to my comment policy. 

If you make a comment and sign it with a blatently false attribution, its coming down, regardless of the comment.  That’s lame stuff that has no place on my blog.

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