Exploding Radio (continued)

OK so I am at least the 100th person to blog about this.  Infinity Radio has decided to turn over an AM radio station to podcasters.

This is such a smart move.  I have to give Joel and the team at Infinity so much credit for having the guts to try something like this out.  If it fails, so what?  But if it succeeds, then they’ve got a home run on their hands.

Radio has always understood the value of user generated programming.  I wonder how much of the air time on talk radio is dedicated to call in listeners?  Whatver the number is, its a big percentage.

But to turn the music programming over to effectively the masses, well that is something bold, brave, and potentially brilliant.

One of my favorite sites on the net is collegehumor.com.  They get most of their stuff from their audience.  They sort through the best stuff and put it up.  Kids in college talk about getting their stuff up there.  It’s a virtuous cycle.

And so I suspect it will be the same with KYOU and podcasting.  Podcasters will vie for their shows to get aired.  They step up the quality of their work.  And KYOU’s listeners will benefit.  Hell, I am going to tune in for sure, via the Internet.

I am so gratified to see this news because I’ve posted a lot of stuff saying the radio companies will explode radio themselves and not let others do it to them.  It makes me feel even better about my long radio/short satellite trade.

Jeff Jarvis has a long post with links to a bunch of other posts on this so I’ll send you to Jeff to keep going on this one.

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