MP3 of the Week

This week, in honor of one of my favorite podcasts, Insomnia Radio’s Double Shots, I am going to do a double shot.

Two songs were stuck in my head this weekend.

The first is not a new song, its 6 years old.

We have a digital music system in our house and every once in a while we just let it play randomly from the songs on it.  It’s a fun way to listen to stuff you haven’t heard in a while.  We were doing that on friday night and this first song came on.

It’s from a favorite of ours, Paul Westerberg.  We’ll be seeing him in a couple weeks here in NYC at The Supper Club.

This song is from his Sucaine Gratification record from 1999.  It’s called Tears Rolling Up Our Sleeves.

The second is a new song.  It’s from Jack Johnson’s new record called In Between Dreams.  Jack Johnson makes music that is easy to listen to and always enjoyable.  This new record is really very good, maybe not quite as strong as Brushfire Fairytales, but its always hard to top that first record.

In any case, this song is called Never Know and I really like it.

#My Music