No Rhapod :(

Well Rob Glaser did his thing yesterday at Radio City Music Hall here in NYC.

I had an invitation to go and I wanted to but in the end I couldn’t make it.

It’s just as well, because Rob did not stand up on stage and show off the Rhapod that I am dreaming about.

What Rob did unveil is nice but certainly not the promised "groundbreaking initiative in digital music".

There’s a new version of Rhapsody that I will download as soon as I finish listening to Bruce.

And the bigger deal is Rhapsody to Go which is pretty much a knockoff of Napster to Go.  This service lets you synch Rhapsody to a portable music device and take your songs with you.  It doesn’t work with iPod of course and in fact it only works with two devices right now, the Iriver H10 and the Creative Zen Micro portable music players.

Since I am already an iPod user and none of these devices comes close to my dream device, I don’t think I’ll upgrade to Rhapsody to Go.  But maybe the Gotham Gal, who doesn’t yet have an iPod, might want to give Rhapsody to Go a whirl.  We’ll see about that.

Bottom line, Rhapsody is great, Real is making it better, but they aren’t in iPod killer territory yet.

Rafat Ali has extensive coverage of all of this stuff on his blog.  It’s certainly the best place to get the skinny on the new Rhapsody.

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