Podcasting (continued)

I am not announcing anything yet, but the subject of podcasting is being bantered about in the Wilson household a lot these days.

First, I’d like to publicly thank Mass Hysteria, ie Paul and Janie, for being the inspiration for what a family podcast can be.  The Gotham Gal and I both listen to Mass Hysteria and love it, for the music and the banter.  Great stuff.

I’d also like the thank Paul from Mass Hysteria and Jason from Insomnia Radio for clueing me in what it takes, equipment and software, to get a podcast up and running.  Though they use different techniques, between the two of them I now know what I need to get to make a great podcast.

Finally, I’d like to welcome a friend (whom I’ve never met face to face) to the podcast world.  Scott Partee from Halfass.com is now podcasting.  I’ve got a link to his podcast on my Podcasts I Listen To list.  I listened to my first Halfass podcast this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Well done Scott!

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