If you are a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed these new "links for d/m/yr" posts that appear every day or two on my blog.

What are they?

They are every URL that I’ve tagged with del.icio.us that day.  They are the things I’ve found on the Internet that day that I think are interesting enough to tag and share with my readers.  I hope you like them.

But a reader named Michael asks:

Is there a website explaining the whole situation on how to use those
tags? How they are useful, etc.? I am just trying to understand what
they are all about.

There is a website that explains what these tags are about and how to use them and its called del.icio.us

But we all recognize that this tagging stuff isn’t easy to understand the first time you see it and also that del.icio.us doesn’t do an amazing job of making it easy to understand either.  We hope to change that but for now, its hard to understand. 

So let me try to explain why the tags in the "links for d/m/yr" posts are important.

If you click on any of those tags, let’s say music, you’ll go to a page on del.icio.us where you’ll see a chronological list of the URLs that I’ve tagged with the words music.

If you like music, actually if you like my music, then this might be interesting to you.

You can visit that page anytime you want to see what I’ve been tagging with music.

Or you can subscribe to that page as an RSS feed.  That’s what most people do with other people’s del.icio.us tags that they want to monitor.

So, hopefully I’ve answered Michael’s question and I hope others found this post and my daily links useful.

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