The Fenway

Fenway_1Yesterday was a big day at Fenway Park.

The Red Sox got their World Series rings and then went out and trounced the hated Yankees 8 to 1.

I am not a Red Sox fan nor am I a Yankees fan.  But I am a fan of sports, rivalries, drama, and fandom.

And for all of that, there is nothing better than Yankees vs. Red Sox.

I am also a fan of Boston.  I spent four years there in college and lived in Kenmore Square in the shadow of Fenway Park.

There is another Fenway Park in Boston, called The Fenway [click on this link – it’s a cool satellite image of The Fenway and Fenway Park].  It’s a grand urban park in the vein of Prospect Park or Central Park, but its fallen on somewhat hard times.  It’s not what it once was.

But I loved to wander around The Fenway when I was in college.  It has this magical feel to it.

Jonathan Richman also loves The Fenway.  His Rockin and Romance album is out of print, but I got my $15 copy of the digital master from TwinTone yesterday.  I listened to it last night.

My favorite song on the record is The Fenway.  Jonathan captures the magic of the place so well.  Give it a listen in tribute to Boston, Fenway Park, the Red Sox, and The Fenway.

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