All Marketers Are Liars

Marketers_are_liarsI don’t read business books for the most part.  I find them dull and boring.

There’s the occasional business book that I’ll read if its so classic that it becomes a must read.  I’d put Crossing the Chasm, The Innovator’s Dillema, and The Tipping Point in this category.

Then there are Seth Godin’s books.

Every time Seth puts out a book, I get it and read it.


Well, mainly because they are so damn entertaining.  I picked up All Marketers Are Liars yesterday at the office and couldn’t put it down.  It was like Josh watching the Simpsons, I just kept chuckling every few pages.

Seth tells stories with the best of them.  He’s an entertainer first and a business guru second.

The other reason I always read his books is I feel like he’s laying out this amazing treatise on marketing in the digital era with them.

Permission Marketing
Purple Cow
Free Prize
and now Liars

Though its not necessary, I would recommend everyone read these books in chronological order.

Seth has a big story to tell.  It’s one that is playing out before our very eyes.  And he does it in the most entertaining manner.  That’s why I love Seth’s books.

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