Cold Roses

Cold_rosesJason Chervokas commented on my spiff post that the second disc of the new Ryan Adams record, Cold Roses, is great.

That’s blogging.  A post on XSPF generated a comment that makes me go to Rhapsody and play some new music I haven’t heard.

Here is Jason’s blog post on Cold Roses.

You know what.  Jason is right.  It’s just fantastic.  I have never listened to Ryan Adams very much.  I liked Whiskeytown but we don’t own any of his solo records.

And Jason is also right about the first disc.  There are only a couple good tracks on it. 

But the second disc.  Wow!  The back to back numbers, If I Am A Stranger and Dance All Night, are stuck in my head and I can’t get them out.

If you like alt-country with a little hint of the Grateful Dead, this is the record for you.

Rhapsody Link: Cold Roses.

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