Getting The Mail Through

The age old adage about the postman working in the rain, snow, and sleet to get the mail through is just as applicable in the digital era.

When mail doesn’t get though, its a problem.

This case study on the catlog marketer, Coldwater Creek, is really interesting.

Last summer Coldwater Creek realized that only 70% of its mail to its customers was getting through.

And because their online sales are highly correlated to their emails, that meant a potential 30% loss in revenue.

Returnpath_websiteAfter they hired Return Path, one of Flatiron’s portfolio companies, they saw their deliverability rates go up to 98%.

And what do they pay Return Path for this digital equivalent of slugging through rain, sleet, and snow?

Less than $5000 per month.

I’ve said this before, getting legitimate mail through spam filters is a critical part of the digital marketing equation.

Return Path is the leader in this market.  Nobody comes even close to their suite of services from monitoring and managing campaigns, scoring senders, and managing white lists for marketers and ISPs.

If you have a deliverability problem, hire them and watch your revenues grow.

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