In Between Dreams

In_between_dreamsLost in all my talk about the Eels is the fact that the other record heavy in rotation these days is Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams.

Rhapsody Link: In Between Dreams.

We loved Brushfire Fairytales and listened to it a lot at the beach when it came out in 2002.

On and On was an OK record, but it didn’t get a lot of airtime.  Then we went to see Jack at Summerstage last year and were bored by his music and his show. I thought that was the end of Jack Johnson in our house.

Then he puts out this really terrific record.  It’s better than Brushfire.  The songs stay with you and keep you coming back.  It’s more than a lazy day at the beach record.  This guy writes and sings great songs this record is a must.

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