Introducing The Postively 10th Street Podcast

As I’ve been hinting in this blog for a week or so, we are now podcasting at the Wilson home.

Img_01411Our show is called Positively 10th Street and was named after the street we live on in NYC and the great Bob Dylan song Positively 4th Street.

The concept is pretty simple.  We sit in our kitchen and talk about music, life in NYC, stuff that’s happening, and we play five songs.  Each family member brings one song to each podcast.

We did our first yesterday and its available here.

You can also subscribe to the podcast via RSS here.

We have a few kinks to work out.  The main one is that we are better at mixing the audio in the software instead of manually on our little $49 mixer.  That means that the two songs the girls played on their iPods that we manually mixed don’t fade in and out very nicely.

There is also a brief hum during one short audio part that I need to figure out.

But all in all, it was a pretty simple thing to do.  I recommend it highly to anyone who likes playing around with audio recording on their computer.

We hope to do one show a week.  There’s no hard and fast schedule so they may come out during the week some weeks and the weekends on others.  Everyone enjoyed it and as long as that is the case, we are going to keep doing it.

If you’d like to auto load this podcast to your iPod, here’s how to do it:

1 – Get a podcasting client. I suggest iPodder because it’s open source, it’s cross platform, and it’s free.  You can download a Windows or Mac version here.

2 – Install iPodder on the computer where you have iTunes and synch your iPod.

3 – Select tools then scheduler to set a time every day when iPodder will go out and check for new Podcasts.

4 – Add Positively 10th Street to your subscriptions by selecting the subscriptions tab and then the + sign to add a feed.  Enter the following into the URL –

5 – Then hit one of the two large buttons on the upper left to cause iPodder to go out and download the first Positively 10th Street show.

After you’ve done all that, you will find Postively 10th Street in your iPod under Playlists and all new versions will be automatically loaded into that location.

We hope you enjoy Positively 10th Street!

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