MP3 of the Week

Blinking_lightsMy current musical obsession is the Eels latest record, called Blinking Lights and Other Revelations.

Rhapsody Link: Blinking Lights.

This is a big record, 33 songs in all, and very moody. There are downright depressing songs followed by uplifting pop songs. If you aren’t an Eels fan, it could be a difficult listen. And like all Eels records, it takes about 5-10 listens to really connect with the songs.  But when you do, its powerful stuff.  We have had it in heavy rotation since it came out a week and a half ago and it just gets better and better.

With 33 songs to choose from, it was tough to pick one for this week’s MP3 of the week.  I’ve already posted the single "Hey Man" and I put Railroad Man on my Rhapsody Playlist of the Week, so I am going with another favorite this week.

The song is called Losing Streak.  I hope you like it.


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