MP3 of the Week

Last week I was stuck on hold with TMobile trying to consolidate all my family’s cell phone accounts onto a single bill.  It was a major pain. But one good thing came of it.  The hold music system played a song that I hadn’t heard in years. 

Paradise_and_lunchI couldn’t recall the name of the song but I could see the birght Yellow album cover in my head as the song played.

I was pretty sure it was a Ry Cooder song and so I went to Rhapsody and punched in Ry Cooder.

Sure enough there it was, Paradise and Lunch.  Man I love that record. 

I played the record on Rhapsody and the second song on the record, Tattler, is the song that TMobile was playing on hold.

The next thing I did was add Paradise and Lunch to the short list for the Top 50 which is becoming a long list.

And now I am making Tattler my MP3 of the Week.

I hope you like it as much as I do.


#My Music