My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

Lucinda_williamsLong time readers of this blog know that I really love Lucinda Williams.  I’ve seen her live a few times and that is a powerful experience.  She combines country, blues, gospel, and rock into a great sound.  And her words are raw and honest.  She is the real deal.

I had a hard time picking a Lucinda record for the top 50 because there are three that I love Car Wheels, Essence, and World Without Tears.  Each has something unique and special.  Essence is the quietest and most calming of the three.  World Without Tears is raw, honest, brutal at times, and the most powerful.

CarwheelsBut afer listening to a lot of Lucinda this week, I have to pick Car Wheels on A Gravel Road as this week’s Top 50 selection.  It was the first Luncinda record that the Gotham Gal and I got into and I think its her best.  It’s the most consistent and most listenable record she’s ever made.

And it’s got my all-time favorite Lucinda song on it which is Still I Long for Your Kiss. Speaking of that song, Rhapsody has a live version of Still l Long for Your Kiss that was recently released as a single along with her new live record, Live At The Fillmore.

Give them both a listen if you’ve got Rhapsody.

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