My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

Bring_the_familyReaders of this blog know that family is important to me.

And there are a lot of songs about family but there is one album that is the definitive record on the subject for me.

It’s called Bring the Family and it was recorded by John Hiatt in 1987.

The supporting cast on the record is awesome.  Ry Cooder on guitar. Nick Lowe on bass. Jim Keltner on drums.

But its the songs that make this record so powerful.  The record starts out with Memphis in the Meantime which has a fantastic groove.  Most everyone’s heard Bonnie Raitt’s cover of Thing Called Love, but it was written by John Hiatt and recorded on this record first.

But its about halfway through when the record starts to really shine.  Lipstick Sunshine with the fantastic slide guitar is a great warmup for what’s next.

Have a Little Faith in Me is one of the greatest songs ever written, period.  I get choked up every time I hear it.  I honestly don’t know Hiatt can sing it without breaking down.

Other highlights include Tip of My Tongue and Your Dad Did.

I have listened to this record so many times I couldn’t even guess the number.  It’s a great record that I never tire of and its overdue in the top 50.

Rhapsody Link: Bring The Family.

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