My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

My freshman year in college, I got a copy of the Rolling Stone record guide.  This is the one by Dave March that came out in 1979.   I don’t have it any more but it was thick red paperback and it was by far the most used reference book I ever owned.  It was falling apart by the end of college.

I used to go through it for hours sitting on the window bed in the lounge and look at all the five stars records.  I’d read the reviews and then I’d head over to Nuggets (a used record store in Kenmore Square)and buy one of them.

I’d come back and sit back and listen Tony Alva style.

That’s how I found Astral Weeks.

Astral_weeksIt’s only eight songs, apparently recorded in 48 hours with a band Van Morrison didn’t even know.

And it is one of the greatest records ever made.

It has a mood amd a feel that is hard to describe. 

But when we put it on, and we still do that a lot, I know its going to take me to that place that only this record can.

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