Open Space in Midtown

Img_0119I came up off the subway at 42nd and Broadway yesterday afternoon, turned down 42nd Street, and immediately noticed a huge swath of open space in midtown manhattan.

You don’t see that very often and when you do, its a great experience.

I love New York, but it lacks the grand plazas of european cities and there isn’t enough light in the major commercial centers.

The Gotham Gal and Josh did a school trip to the Wall Street area yesterday and she said it was freezing.  Well it was in the mid 60s in NYC yesterday so I was surprised.  She told me, "there’s no sunlight down there."

Well there isn’t much sunlight in midtown either, but at the intersection of 6th Avenue and 42nd street, there is plenty of sunlight right now.  You’ve got Bryant Park to the south and east and this huge half block wide swath of open space to the north and west.

I honestly can’t remember seeing such a huge construction lot in midtown.  I wonder what is going up in this location.

I was able to stick my camera over the construction wall and grab this shot of the digging action.


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