Outing Spammers

Even though I think the spam crisis is mostly over as a result of filters and other tools in the email ecosystem, I still get spammed every day by lots of people.  I figure it comes with the territory and just hit the delete key.

But Mark and Charlie decided to take things into their own hands when they got spammed last week.

Mark Pincus (who is blogging with a fury lately) outed Michael Bluckman (and called him a dickhead to boot) for taking his business card at a conference and putting his email address on a list without permission.  Michael deserves it and I hope he learned a lesson about email etiquette.

Charlie also had the experience of going to a conference and getting spammed as a result.  And he also outed the company, Trylon Communications, that spammed him.

As Charlie says at the end of his post, "don’t spam a blogger."

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