My friend John sent me a link to this device which he thinks might be my Rhapod.

It is called the Sonos Digital Music System and I have to admit its pretty cool in concept.

Sonos_playerThere is a player box that you put in every room in the house where you want to listen to music.  This box has an amp built in.  The sound quality is supposed to be fantastic.  The player lists for $499.

Sonos_handheldThen there is a wireless handheld that you can take from room to room.  I don’t know if mutiple handhelds will work on the network, but I would expect so.  This thing seems like a wireless version of the iPod.  The handheld lists for $399.

The Sonos system comes with a secure wireless mesh network that connects to your PC and plays all the music on the PC.  It also is integrated with Rhapsody so you can play all the music you want for $10/month in your home.

If you add the extra $5/month for Rhapsody to go and get one of the Rhapsody supported portable devices, you get pretty close to what I want.

I’ll have to do some digging on this system.  You can get one handheld and two players for $1200.  Add two pairs of bookshelf speakers and you have a whole system for $1500.

If I was just starting out and had an apartment I wanted to outfit with a music system, this would be just what I need.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has experience with this system.

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