Rhapsody Playlist of the Week

I am going to start a new weekly blog post.

I think sharing playlists you can listen to without having to purchase the songs is a great thing.

I’ve tried a bunch of ways to do this and so far, I think sharing Rhapsody playlists is the best way.

I know most of my readers don’t have Rhapsody, but for those who do, I am going to publish a weekly list of songs that are in heavy rotation in our house.

Here’s my first playlist.

It starts out with Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror Picture Show because Jessica is singing that song in the middle school play this weekend.

I hope you like it!

May 7th Rhapsody Playlist.

1. Sweet Transvestite – Richard O’Brien

2. Close I’ve Come – Ben Lee

3. Hear Me Out – Ben Kweller

4. Anyways All Right – Paul Westerberg

5. Railroad Man – Eels

6. Jesus Was An Only Son – Bruce Springsteen

7. Good People – Jack Johnson

8. Girl – Beck

9. Peace Officer – Jimmy Cliff

10. Hate It Or Love It – The Game

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