I love satire.  It never fails to give me a chuckle.

I have found a great satire blog that makes me laugh every day.

It’s called Pure Garlic and is written by J. Thomas Duffy.  I suppose Garlic is a reference to The Onion.  Whatever the inspiration for the name, this is funny stuff.  If I could start every day with some satire from Pure Garlic and a cartoon from Gaping Void, I’d be a really happy guy.

So this morning, I was reading Tom Evslin and thinking about his riff on Kofi Annan and the UN Oil For Food Program.  Then I went to Jarvis and saw his plug of Tom’s rant.

I suppose they are both right, but my favorite take on Kofi Annan is from Pure Garlic.   Here’s an excerpt:

"The President is impressed, first with his ability to conduct such a
large-scale scam, and include some heavy-duty patronagism", referring
to Kojo Annan, the son at the center of the scandal. "Secondly, that he
can ignore his critics, and staunchily deny any wrong-doing, that’s the
kind of people we like to have on our team".

Go read the whole post.  If you aren’t laughing hard by the time you are through, you take life too seriously.

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