Tag My Posts (continued)

Many of the comments to my last post – Bagging The Post – were exactly the kind of comments that have caused me to rethink my blog posts.  Readers want less posts and more relevancy.  In most cases that means less posts on music, family, etc and more quality posts on the vc business.

As a first step in addressing this problem, I have suggested people Tag My Posts.

As a second step, I am tagging my posts on venture capital and technology with the following delicious tag – avc/vc/tech

I will tag all my posts that I think are specifically interesting for that audience with that tag.

I encourage all of my readers to do the same thing.  I might miss something and I honestly believe reader side tagging is a lot more powerful than publisher side tagging.

Then I’d suggest that those of you who want to read just my posts on vc and tech should unsubscribe to my blog feed and subscribe to this feed.

An interesting question is whether we should use this tag for other posts that aren’t written by me but would be interesting to the same audience.  I am not sure yet so I would suggest holding off on that for now.

#VC & Technology