The Stones

I’ve said for years that I would never go see The Stones again.  For my taste, they are way past their prime.  If I could have seen them on their 1972 tour, well that would have been it for me.

The idea of watching 60 year old guys sing songs they wrote 30 to 40 years ago doesnt’ really excite me.

I told this to my friend Bob when he went with his brother and sister to see them on their last tour.  And Bob said I was wrong.  He said the three of them had a great time.

StonesSo when I saw the picture of Mick and Keith at Julliard yesterday I felt a pang of jealousy that I wasn’t there to see them do three songs live.

And then when I came home and saw Josh wearing his tie die stones lips shirt, I knew I was going to see them this tour and take him with me.

I got five tickets last night and its going to be a family affair at Giants Stadium this September.

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