Woodside Thai Trek

Img_0110_1The Gotham Gal came up with the idea that our family and another family should take the subway out to the other boroughs once a month on a sunday evening to eat dinner in some of the great ethnic neighborhoods in the city.

So tonite was our first trek.  We headed to Woodside Queens to sample some amazing thai food. 

The place we went is called Sripraphai, named after the owner, who we met tonite.

Img_0101_1It’s a totally non descript place on the outside and the decor isn’t much to speak of either, but the food is another story.

The food is awesome.  I expect The Gotham Gal will have a full blown review on her blog tomorrow.  But let me say that the soft shell crabs with pickled papaya relish was as good as it gets. And everything else was pretty awesome too.

Img_0116Afterwards we took a walk through the main drag in Woodside, got some ice cream, and then hopped onto the 7 train back to the city.  A great night in a great city.  I am already looking forward to next month’s trek.

If you’ve got any ideas, bring them on.

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