Lords of Dogtown

DogtwonI was a teenager in the late 70s and my musical and cultural tastes are a reflection of that.  Although I was only tangentially impacted by the skateboard culture, it had a much bigger imact on my younger brother Ted (aka Jackson) and his buddies.

Some of those guys comment often on this blog and one of them, Pat, uses Tony Alva as his handle when he comments on this blog and others.  That shows you how big an impact the skateboard culture had on those guys.

We went to see Lords of Dogtown last night.  We took the whole family.  It’s a great movie and really explains how these kids invented modern skateboarding and the impact that it had on them and their lives.

And the soundtrack is fantastic.  It’s worth seeing the movie just for that alone.

If you remember the first time you saw polyurethane wheels, go see this movie.

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