MP3 of the Week

So I’ve got a new way to find and showcase MP3s this week.

On Friday, I posted a cool new way to tag MP3s on the Internet and automatically get them onto your iPod.

And at the end of that post, I threw out this line:

So start tagging and sharing mp3s with me and your friends.

Well, three people have taken me up on that so far.  They tagged an MP3 on the Internet with the delcious tag – fred’spodcast

Songguy tagged For Real by Okkervil River

Ghonzo tagged Nina Gordon’s cover of NWA’s Straight Outta Compton [what is it with these folk covers of rap?]

and Andrew tagged three Tegan and Sara songs

I liked all of them and hope people keep doing this.  I will keep tagging stuff with the fred’spodcast tag too.

But back to the reason of this post, my MP3 of the Week.

I really liked Okkervil River.  I am going to have to check them out.  And I am going to buy their record Black Sheep Boy.

So here is my MP3 of the Week.  For Real by Okkervil River.

#My Music