My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

There’s a little rap on my top 50 list, but not much.

Dr Dre’s on the list with The Chronic.

The Fugees are on the list with The Score.

But that’s it so far.

Well this week’s choice is from my favorite rapper, Eminem.

I have enjoyed everything that Eminem has done.

Eminem_showBut the Eminem record that we always put on is The Eminem Show.

From the day it was released in mid 2002 until the end of 2003, we must have listened to this record about a hundred times.

People will say that this music isn’t for kids.  That’s probably true but we have never censored our kids from the real world and aren’t going to start now.  The show on our street corner beats Eminem’s show every day for grim reality.

The songs people talk about on this record are White America, Cleaning Out My Closet, Without Me, and Hallie’s Song.  All of them are great.

But my favorites are Business, Square Dance, Sing For the Moment (with the great sample of Aerosmith’s Dream On), and Daddy’s Gone Crazy.

Welcome to the top 50 Slim Shady.

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