My New Favorite Podcast

I keep changing the list on the left column of this blog where I link to the podcasts I listen to.

I cut back a lot recently and have narrowed my listening to four or five podcasts at this point.

I keep checking out new ones and hope to add some more soon.

Until the past week, my favorite was Mass Hysteria.  And I still listen to every new Mass Hysteria show the day it comes out.  I can’t get enough of that one.

But to be honest, I’ve got a new favorite.  I called it Fred’s Podcast and its shown on my podcasts list.

Fred’s Podcast is a feed of mp3s that others have tagged with the delicious tag fred’spodcast.

Just this week, I’ve gotten two new mp3s added to this podcast/playlist;

Ben Bleecker – It’ll Be Allright
Sven Van Hees – The Sun Goes Down

These two artists are basically unknown (at this point).  Ben Bleecker doesn’t have any music available on Amazon.  And Sven Van Hees has a couple records on Amazon but not much activity around them.

So it’s really cool that someone (maybe the artists themselves) are tagging these mp3s for me.

I manage this podcast/playlist in my iTunes program and delete a song every once in a while to keep the playlist manageable.  I think I’ll probably add my MP3 of the Week to this podcast tag each week.

The result is I have a playlist that has songs I like but is changing all the time. It’s being programmed by people out on the Internet that I don’t even know.

I love it.

UPDATE: Hans (who tagged the Sven Van Hees song) writes this on his blog:

In other news, the song I tagged with Fred Wilson’s podcast tag
got a special mention on his blog! It’s amazing when you think of the
way it ended up in his iPod. The cd was bought by my friend Michael. I
ripped it onto my computer. Then I read this post,
and thought what the hell, he likes Thievery Corporation, why not make
him check it out. So I uploaded it onto my own webspace, and then
tagged it with Feedburner automatically scraps all new links with this tag, after which ipodder
burns them onto Fred’s iPod. It has left the web, many thousands of
miles/kilometers away from it’s previous physical location, the
original cd (and me).

Thanks to the web, I made someone I barely
know (and he doesn’t know me at all) check out a song that I like. This
is only one of the many entirely new forms of communication the web has
brought us, and I’m very much excited about what’s going to happen in
the coming years, as the web keeps on expanding and revolutionizing the
way we look at the world. Every connected individual now has more
access to more information on many more subjects and events than the
entire world ever had, barely, say, 150 years ago. My mind is connected
with the sum of all human knowledge.

And with this thought in mind, i’m going to bed.

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