Positively 10th Street

This week’s Positively 10th Street podcast is up at Libsyn and on the RSS feed.

I think we’ve finally mastered the production part of this. The blends
between talk and music are good and the volume seems fine for both too.

This week the topics of conversation are girls street basketball on the
lower east side, how the star wars movie and josh’s baseball game were
similar, the upcoming keane and killers concerts, and Joanne’s move to
a Mac and our favorite podcasts.

The music is great too:

Jesssica’s song – Spoon – I Turn My Camera On

Josh’s song – Fountains of Wayne – Mexican Wine

Fred’s song – The Sun – Must Be You

Joanne’s song – The Mountain Goats – This Year

Emily’s song – Keane – Everything’s Changing

To listen to it over the Internet, click here.

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