Take Me Off Your Lists Please

I’ve noticed a few lists out there trying to determine who the "movers and shakers" are in the blog world.

There’s blogebrity.

And now Always On and Technorati have published the Open Media 100 .

To paraphrase from the famous Treasure of Sierra Madre line, we don’t need no lists and I don’t want to be on any stinking lists!

Open Media?  Then let’s make it open. Let’s keep the desire to rank and create clubs in check guys.

And in any case, the technology will let us discover what and who to read better than any blog or media company will.

And if everybody is directed to read the "A list" bloggers, we’ll miss all the best stuff which is being blogged by people who get maybe 100 to 1000 readers.

That’s what I love about blogging.  Everyone has a printing press and I can read whomever I want.

Please don’t ruin it with old media crap like lists.

#VC & Technology