The Power of RSS

I added Google ads to my feed (via Feedburner) at the beginning of the month.

One great thing about Google Adense is their stats are as good as anyone’s these days.

So look what happened to the number of pageviews my Google ads are getting since June 1st.


Page views jumped about 3x since June 1st.

And I am only running Google ads in my Feedburner feed, which makes up about 1/3 of my total feeds.  Imagine if I were able to turn on Google ads in all my feeds.  I’d be serving something like 15,000 Google ads a day.

Now, the interesting thing is that my dollars per day have not increased very much, if at all, which indicates that very few people are clicking on the ads in my feeds.  Google doesn’t yet break out the ads by where they are run so I can’t see exactly how the web is performing vs the feed, but its pretty clear that the web is peforming a lot better.

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