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MP3 of the Week

It’s summertime, county fair time.

Last week at the Jackson County Fair, Adam DuVander and his bandmates from Trailboss played a thirteen song set.

How do I know this?

Well Adam is a user and he tagged their cover of Billy Joel’s You May Be Right with a nice Let’s Spend The Night Together stuck right in the middle for me.

I love the idea of being at a county fair in the middle of the summer listening to great rock n roll.

And Jackson County? 

Ted and I may have to get out there next year to sample it in person.

In any case, without further adieu, Trailboss’ cover of Bill Joel and the Rolling Stones is my MP3 of the Week.

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Comscore Measures Blogs (continued)

In almost two years of blogging, I have never used the "draft" feature in Typepad.

I did this week when I posted on Comscore’s recently published stats on blogs.

I wanted the team at Comscore to bless my post before I put it up since I didn’t know how much of their data they’d be comfortable with me putting out there.

They OK’d the entire post, but it took a couple days to hear back from them.

On Friday, I hit the publish button and guess what?

The post was published about ten posts down in this blog, where it would have been had I published it when I wrote it.

That’s nutty.

And it was one of my best posts of last week.

So if you missed it, click here to go read it.

There is some interesting data in the post and I hope a lot more is coming soon.

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Positively 10th Street

Our weekly show is up now.

We had our first guests this weekend; Ted (aka Jackson) and Deittra.

Topics of discussion were payola, podcasting, New York in the summer and good and bad music, and The Stephen Talkhouse.

Song List:
Ted’s Song – Summertime Rolls – Jane’s Addiction

Joanne’s Song – Closing Time – Semisonic

Fred’s Song – I Shall Be Released – Kevin Kevn Kinney

Deittra’s Song – Mean Sleep – Cree Summer

Group Song – Madeline and Nine – Mike Doughty

Listen Live Here.

To listen in iTunes or on your iPod, get iTunes v 4.9, then select Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast, and then enter this into the box:

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The Larry Brown Era Begins

Brown_1As a quarter season ticket holder, I was pleased to see the Larry Brown era has begun at Madison Square Garden.

Given his track record, it probably won’t last very long.

But I’ll take a couple years like he gave Detroit!

Welcome Larry!

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My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

Normally today would be the day for my next top 50 record selection.

But with only four left, I am feeling the pressure and can’t make up my mind on the next one.

So, I am punting.

Check back next week and hopefully I’ll have another selection ready.

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