Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series Vols 1-3

DylanJason Chervokas suggested this three disc set to me and so I went out and got it.

I am listening to it on the flight out to San Francisco today.


There are some really great songs on here:

Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues –  This is the song Dylan wasn’t allowed to sing on Ed Sullivan

Who Killed Davey Moore? –  This song was written and performed within three weeks of Davey’s death in the ring in 1963.  Powerful social commentary.

Moonshiner –  I first heard this song when it was sung by Uncle Tupelo. It’s an old southern mountain ballad and Dylan sings it wonderfully.

Farewell, Angelina –  Written by Bob for Joan Baez who made it popular.  This is a rare version of Bob singing it.  I love songs that talk about playing cards.  Dylan did it the best.

Like A Rolling Stone –  Dylan plays the song solo to the assembled studio musicians.  Later that day, they recorded what is possibly his greatest song in a single afternoon.

I Shall Be Released –  The original demo from the Basement Tapes with Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, and Richard Manuel singing the harmonies.  Brilliant.

If Not For You –  George Harrison’s guitar and Dylan’s vocals from a recording session they did together in 1970.

Nobody ‘Cept You –  An outtake from one of my favorite Dylan records, Planet Waves, with excellent guitar by Robbie Robertson

Idiot Wind –  The orignal recording of my favorite song on my favorite Dylan record, Blood On The Tracks.  Apparently Dylan didn’t like the way the record sounded so he went back and re-recorded a bunch of songs.

Every Grain of Sand –  This is the orignal demo of another of my favorite Dylan songs.  With a dog barking in the background no less.

Series Of Dreams –  Great song from the Oh Mercy sessions in New Orleans that Daniel Lanois didn’t want to put on the record.  He should have.

Someone’s Got A Hold of My Heart –  Recorded in the Infidels sessions but not released.  Ultimately became Tight Connection To My Heart on Empire Burlesque.  I like this version better.
Tell Me
Lord Protect My Child
Foot of Pride
Blind Willie McTell – 
One of Dylan’s best unreleased songs.

These last five tracks are the reason I got this record in the first place.  They are all outtakes from the Infidels record.

I love Infidels.  It’s probably my second most played Dylan record after Blood On The Tracks.

Anyway, if you are a Bob Dylan fan and don’t own this Bootleg Series, I’d strongly suggest getting it.

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