Bobby, Jack, and Tiger

The three greatest golfers of all time are Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods.

Bobby Jones won 13 major tournaments in his short but brilliant career.

NicklausJack Nickalus won 18 majors in his major tournament career which ended this week at St. Andrews, the home of golf.

And Tiger won his 10th major this week at St. Andrews.

There is something about golf and the way these things play out.

Bobby Jones loved St. Andrews and St. Andrews loved him.

The same is true of Jack Nicklaus.  He chose to end his career at St. Andrews and he did in classic Jack fashion with a birdie on 18. 

Growing up, I idolized Jack and he inspired me to play the game.  My family weren’t golfers, but I am.  Mostly thanks to Jack.  His victory at the Masters in 1986 is probably my all time favorite moment in sports.

When Bobby Jones saw the young Jack Nicklaus play golf, he said, "he plays a game that I am not familiar with".

Jack has passed on the torch to Tiger with the same words.

And someday, Tiger will pass the torch on to someone else with those words.

Tiger_1But today, Tiger reigns supreme and at the age of 29, you have to wonder how many majors he will win in his career.

I find myself rooting for Tiger the way I rooted for Jack as a youngster.  While I most often root for the underdog, I don’t do that in golf.

So it was with great pleasure that I watched Tiger win his 10th major today at St. Andrews, the same week that Jack made his departure.  The golf gods got the script right again.

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