Comscore Measures Blogs

I am an investor and board member of Comscore, which owns Media Metrix, and is also owns the largest web measurement panel in the world with over 2 million panelists.

Nobody, not even Nielsen NetRatings, can hold a candle to Comscore when it comes to web measurement.

So I was thrilled to hear that Comscore is starting to measure blogs. 

At this point, it’s just a research project to figure out how best to measure what is a very fragmented and dynamic market.

But they did showcase some data at the WOMMA event on July 13th in Chicago.

Here is their data on the top blog hosting services.  Note that and are both hosted by typepad.


But possibly even more interesting is the difference in the way the "youth" blogging platforms like Xanga and Live Journal and the "mature" blogging platforms like Blogspot and typepad are used.  Here is a chart showing visits per visitor.

Clearly the "youth" blogging platforms are "stickier".

As Comscore starts drilling down into the specific blogs, even more data will come out. 

Hopefully they’ll publish it and we can start learning more about what is going on in the blog world.

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