Comscore Measures Blogs (continued)

In almost two years of blogging, I have never used the "draft" feature in Typepad.

I did this week when I posted on Comscore’s recently published stats on blogs.

I wanted the team at Comscore to bless my post before I put it up since I didn’t know how much of their data they’d be comfortable with me putting out there.

They OK’d the entire post, but it took a couple days to hear back from them.

On Friday, I hit the publish button and guess what?

The post was published about ten posts down in this blog, where it would have been had I published it when I wrote it.

That’s nutty.

And it was one of my best posts of last week.

So if you missed it, click here to go read it.

There is some interesting data in the post and I hope a lot more is coming soon.

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