The Eels at Town Hall

  Mark Oliver Everett (aka E) 
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Last night The Gotham Gal and I went to see The Eels at Town Hall.

It was among the most interesting, almost bizarre, concerts I have ever seen.

It opened with a 40 minute russian cartoon movie instead of a warmup band.

Then to the sounds of Gene Wilder singing a song from Willy Wonka, out steps Mark Oliver Everertt (aka E)dressed in a suit and smoking a cigar and accompanied only by a string section and a piano player.

He proceeded to sing Dust of Ages off the new album while smoking his cigar.  It was a taste of things to come.

He smoked at least a couple cigars, sipped scotch, played what seemed like about 20 instruments, and took the audience through most of his new record, Blinking Lights, and a smattering of his extensive other work.

Probably the most amazing thing was the piano player who turned out to also play steel guitar, electric guitar, organ, and a drum set consisting of a trash can and a keyboard carrying case.  That guy was amazing!

The Eels are an acquired taste, just like E’s cigars and scotch.  But if you’ve acquired a taste for this stuff, then I highly recommend seeing them live on this tour.

My favorite’s were his version of Railroad Man, which he sort of dedicated to Laura Bush, Souljacker, which he ended the main set with, and Things The Grandchildren Should Know, which he ended the show with.

I think I’ll be on an Eels binge for at least the July 4th weekend!

UPDATE: Gopster has a great photset of the show on flickr of the show.  The ushers weren’t letting me shoot pictures but that didn’t stop Gopster.  Great stuff!

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