Morning Bike Ride (continued)

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Img_0588I love getting out on my bike in the early mornings.

In addition to the joys of spending an hour and a half on the Hudson River, I also spend an hour and a half with my iPod (one ear only so I can still hear the cars and other bikers).

This morning I listened to Fred’s Podcast and Fred’s Elevator Pitch.

I heard a bunch of great stuff.

I decided that since all of you are tagging this stuff for me, I will return the favor by tagging it back.

That way I can filter the best stuff and put it out there for you to hear.Img_0590_1

So I’ve got a new tag, called Fred’sBest.

I will tag anaything that comes into my iPod via that I really like with the Fred’sBest tag.

This week’s additions are:

Lance Armstrong Podcast
CosmoTV Elevator Pitch
Bloc Party – Little Thoughts   – Really Great Rocking Song
The Lucksmiths – After the After Party  – Another really nice song

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