MP3 of the Week

My friend Mark, aka mediaeater, tagged a song for me called Little Thoughts from a band called Bloc Party last week.  I liked it so much, I played it three times in a row the first time I heard it.

That unleashed a torrent of activity.

Bloc Party is a young band from the UK who sounds like Gang of Four, The
Clash and The Cure.  In more modern terms, they sound a bit like Franz

We put their new record, Silent Alarm, into heavy rotation and have been listening to it on Rhapsody.

I bought the record from Amazon too so we can burn it onto our iPods.

And then we put their song Like Eating Glass on our Positively 10th Street show yesterday.

So it’s been a Bloc Party week in our house.

And so I figured I might as well keep the ball rolling with a MP3 of the Week post as well.

Since Little Thoughts is on Fred’sPodcast and Like Eating Glass is on Positively 10th Street, I figure I’ll post another song as my MP3 of the Week.

After yet another listen, I’ve decided to make a song called Banquet my MP3 of the Week.

#My Music