My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

Essential_ninaIf I had to choose just one voice to listen to over all others, I’d choose Nina Simone.

Her smooth, smoky, soulful voice is sheer pleasure to listen to.

Nina put out well over a hundred records in her long career and you can get most of them on Amazon.

I have not heard very many of them, although I can say that Nina, Anthology, and Very Best are all must have records for Nina lovers.

But this is about my favorite records.

When I reach for Nina, it’s most often for this record, called The Essential Nina Simone.

Jackson calls records like this "packages".  And it is.  But so what?  It’s a great record and everyone should go get it and put it on and listen to it.  I can pretty much guarantee that nobody will send it back.

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