Positively 10th Street

We’ve got another Positively 10th Street show up.

This was one done exclusively by The Gotham Gal and me.  The kids are gone at camp and we couldn’t even get them to contribute songs this time.  Maybe we’ll get some song ideas from them when we talk to them tomorrow night.

The topics of conversation on this show include a couple reviews of broadway plays, the new IFC theater on Waverly and 6th Ave in NYC, a restaurant review, and a discussion of the Eels concert at Town Hall last Thursday night.


Saturday – Josh Rouse
Babylon – David Grey
Home On Ice – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Sweet Home Alabama – Jewel
Railroad Man – The Eels

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1) Listen to it streamed over the Internet – Do that here

2) Download it into your iPod – get iTunes 4.9, install it, then select Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast, and then type this into the dialog box:   http://feeds.feedburner.com/Positively10thStreet

3) If you live in San Francisco, tune into 1550 AM KYOU, and listen to it over the air.  Here is the schedule.  Our third show is in rotation today.

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