I noticed that Jim Moore and some colleagues announced a venture fund to invest in RSS companies last week.

It reminds me of KP’s Java Fund that was launched in the summer of ’96 (the same time we launched Flatiron).

Technology specific funds have a mixed history.  They limit what you can invest in and over time that often isn’t good.

I prefer "thesis driven" investing to "sector specific" investing.

If you build an investment thesis, you can evolve it over time.

But tieing your firm/fund to a specific technology leaves less wiggle room.

Certainly RSS is a very important technology and its driving a lot of innovation right now.

It will be a fertile area for investment over the next several years.

I like Jim and his partners are smart people who I know as well.

I wish them luck and we’ll certainly be looking at some similar opportunities so maybe we will end up working together.

UPDATE: Silicon Beat has a long analysis and an interview with Jim Moore.  Well worth a read.

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