Thank God There Are People Like This

Judith_millerJudith Miller promised that she’d keep her source’s identity private and she’s going to jail for it.

I totally respect what she is doing.

I don’t really care if "national security" issues are at stake.

If you don’t keep your sources secret, they won’t talk.

And then what have we got?

Here are some quotes from the NY Times story on their own reporter:

Ms. Miller herself told the court that she would not reveal her source no matter how long they jailed her.

journalists cannot be trusted to guarantee confidentiality, then
journalists cannot function and there cannot be a free press," she read
from a statement as she stood before Judge Hogan. "The right of civil
disobedience is based on personal conscience, it is fundamental to our
system and it is honored throughout our history," she said before court
officers led her away, looking shaken.

I am with her 100%.  Thank god there are people like her in this world.