Gotta Have A Plan B

Plan B, commonly called the
morning-after pill, is a high dose of birth-control pills taken after
having unprotected sex. Scientists believe that the high dose of the
hormone progestin interferes with ovulation and also prevents implantation
of the embryo in the uterus if ovulation has already taken place.

Two doses of the Plan B pill must be taken 12 hours
apart. If taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex, the
treatment reduces the risk of pregnancy by 89%. The pills don’t work if
a woman already is pregnant and won’t induce abortion, unlike the
controversial RU-486 pill.

Sounds great, right?

Plan B prevents unwanted pregnancies before they start.

But for some reason, the FDA doesn’t want to make Plan B broadly available "over the counter".

They are trying to figure out how to keep it out of the hands of 16 years olds even though they are fine with 17 year olds getting access to Plan B.

Excuse me, but wouldn’t it be smart to make the pill even more available to younger girls who are less able to handle the responsibilities of having and raising a kid?

We are talking about prevention here, not abortion.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which clearly is in touch with the kind of people who would oppose such a drug, "opponents of making the pill more readily
available argue that such access could lead some young teens to have
sex, leaving them more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases".

This is the kind of ridiculous nonsense that makes me sick.

Here we have an important scientific development, one that could save my kids and their friends from making a big mistake, and we’ve got nut jobs putting the brakes on it.

I guess that’s life in George W. Bush’s America.

Good thing we only have 3 more years left.