M. Ward

Transistor_radioI just added M. Ward’s Transistor Radio to my Heavy Rotation list becaue I can’t stop listening to this amazing record.

Raj Bala turned me on to it with his top 10 list a couple days ago.

And since then I must have listened to it three or four times.

I really don’t know how to describe this record.  It’s a bit like Tom Waits I guess.  And a bit like The Eels. If you like either of them, get this record.

If you have Rhapsody, then here’s the link to Transistor Radio.

If you have iTunes and are willing to spend three or four bucks, check out songs like:

I’ll Be Yr Bird
Here Comes The Sun Again
Fuel For Fire
Hi Fi

Or if you are willing to spend 10 bucks, just download the record and get groovin’ with M. Ward.

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