Mike Doughty - Army Brat

You gotta love blogging and podcasting.

We first heard Mike Doughty on Mass Hysteria’s June 30th Podcast.

We dug him so we went to Rhapsody and played Haughty Melodic a bunch and dug him some more.

Then Jackson and D came to the beach and we went to see him at Stephen Talkhouse.

And then I made his song Grey Ghost my MP3 of the Week last Monday.

Maybe it was a subconscious thing, but the lyrics to Grey Ghost talk about two places that I know very well, the Grey Ghost and Stony Lonesome housing areas at the US Military Academy at West Point where I spent my teenage years.

It didn’t click for me until after I posted the song on Monday.

But Tony Alva picked up on the connection in the comments to my MP3 of the Week post.

Well it turns out that Mike Doughty spent his teenage years at West Point too.

Probably hanging out and getting into trouble at all the places I did.


I only wish I had known all this when we saw him at the Talkhouse.  There weren’t more than fifty people there that night.  We could have traded war stories.

UPDATE:  My mom just told me that he lived next door to my parents after I left to go to college.  Go figure.

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