MP3 of the Week

LipsThe Rolling Stones have been front of mind this past week.

First, I spent a lot of time last week listening to 60s Stones and that resulted in my final top 50 post.

And the Stones are on tour again and I got a glimpse of their Fenway Park show.

Then Chervokas, one of my main blog/music gurus, turned me on to the fact that some of the music from the new record is available online.

I am not sure how Mick feels about that, but frankly I don’t care about too much about it.  I’ve said my piece on the online music thing and here is my MP3 posting policy for anyone who wants to read it.

What I do care about is the setlist for the Giants Stadium show on Sept 15th, when the Gotham Gal and I are going to take the kids to see the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

And specifically Mick and Keith, if you do by chance read this, please play Rain Fall Down.

Because after listening to the all of the music from A Bigger Bang that I can get my hands on, the one song I can’t keep off the airwaves in the Wilson house, car, and iPod, is this funky groovy track.

Last night, as we were headed home with the top down, wind in our hair, we cranked Rain Fall Down and everyone in the family was singing along and digging that classic Keith Richards riff that runs through the entire song.

So with that, probably the biggest buildup for any MP3 of the Week track to date, here is Rain Fall Down.

I hope you like it because I sure do.

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