My 50 Favorite Albums

Bob_marleySince I put The Wailers Catch A Fire in the Top 50’s first ten records, I’ve never had an opportunity to sing the praises of Bob Marley in a post.

I love Bob Marley; the man, his music, and everything he stood for.

Bob Marley rose up from the trenchtown ghetto to show the world what reggae music could be and should be.

Nobody did it better than Bob and somehow I doubt that anybody ever will.

We own most everything that Bob put out in his lifetime including two amazing live records, Live (featuring the definitive version of No Woman No Cry) and Babylon By Bus, both of which I highly recommend.

ExodusBut Bob’s masterpiece and the greatest reggae record ever made is Exodus.

Released in 1977 at the peack of his powers, Exodus is a concept album about faith, life, and love. 

It’s Bob in his role as a the Natural Mystic.

I never tire of Bob Marley’s music and I never tire of Exodus.

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